Barc Sanctuary

Our dream and goal for the future is to develop the world’s first ever dog sanctuary.

The sanctuary will be a place of fun, play, relaxation and retirement for a lot of the dogs in our care that are un-adoptable.

They have either lost limbs, been horrendously traumatised through cruel circumstances or have developed mental health issues caused by mistreatment or a tough start to life.

In August 2012 BARC secured a large property 1 hour north of Ubud, Bali. We are now trying to raise the funds to create a purpose built dog sancturary that will not only be home to our furry friends, but also several cats and kittens, 10 monkeys, 2 pigs and 2 blind horses. If you would like to contribute to the build, check out our Dog e-Store where you can purchase and contribute to the build of this amazing initiative, and your name will be etched in history!

We need YOUR help to help the future of these dogs.If you can help in any way: be it financial, physical or intellectual we would LOVE to hear from you.

This project requires not only financial help, but input and ideas for its infrastructure to ensure the best environment for our four legged (and some three and two legged) friends. We need architectural advice, landscaping, plumbing, building, electrical, carpentry and all the other fun stuff that goes into the planning and construction for our facility.